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Sofia S. H. Matrali

PhD student


Sofia S. H. Matrali

PhD student

Project Title

Degradable microspheres for local drug administration

Project Description

The project aims at the development of biodegradable polymeric microstructures for the local administration of anti-osteoporotic compounds. Special focus is given on improving carriers potency through the development of formulations that provide a predictable and controlled drug release profile.

Personal Description

Sofia obtained her Diploma in Pharmacy (MPharm) in the University of Patras, Greece, in 2011. In the diploma thesis we worked on the encapsulation of iron nanoxides (USPIOs) by nanosized liposomes and we studied the in-vitro stability of the aforementioned formulations.

In 2014 Sofia completed her Postgraduate Diploma of Specialization (MSc equivalent) in Industrial Pharmaceutics - Pharmaceutical Analysis in the University of Patras under the supervision of Prof. S. Antimisiari. This project investigated the impact of cold atmospheric pressure plasma on cellular models. Sofia began her PhD in 2014 in the University of Birmingham under the supervision of Dr Anita Ghag and Dr Liam Grover.

In parallel with her PhD Sofia is a member of the PGMSA committee, "...a voluntary student led group at the University of Birmingham..." aiming at improving the University experience and campaigning on significant issues concerning all postgraduate and mature students in the University of Birmingham.