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Mr Bauyrzhan Askarov



Mr Bauyrzhan Askarov



Doctoral Researcher

Project Title

Structuring extracellular matrix using microparticles to simulate differentiation of stem cells.

Funding Body

Bolashak Scholarship of Republic of Kazakhstan

Project Description

There is increasing evidence that cells are able to rearrange their surroundings in order to develop niches that ultimately control tissue formation. In this project, particles that are able to attach to the surface of cells will be used as a mobile substrate to which the cells may attach and reorganise. The resulting matrix will be used to control the differentiation of cells down a particular pathway.

Personal Description

Bauyrzhan obtained his undergraduate degree in Biotechnology in 2007 from the Kazakh National University named after al-Farabi in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Outside of work, he likes to play football and table tennis.