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Jodie Hodgkins

Doctoral Researcher


Jodie Hodgkins


Doctoral Researcher

Project Title

Enhancing bone integration through the formulation of a new cell delivery device.

Funding Body

EPSRC, ImplantCast

Project Description

The treatment of many bone cancers in children requires removal of large quantities of bone and bespoke implants are made to restore the physical function of original bone. However, large implants can fail due to large forces at the bone-implant interface & poor integration of metallic prosthetics into the patient’s skeleton can occur. Frozen allograft (taken from cadavers) are also often used however the absence of a blood supply means these grafts are substituted slowly with new bone and reossification occurs only a few centimeters into the graft. The areas of bone, which do not revascularise, develop microfractures due to mechanical strain and subsequently can undergo catastrophic fracture, which often will not heal, necessitating further major surgery. If better integration or biological covering were possible, it would lead to reduced rates of infection, increased survivorship of the prosthesis and reduced fracture rates in allografts, which are major complications of these procedures. This project will develop a technology that will encourage bone growth over large surface areas of bone or metal.

Personal Description

Jodie joined TRAILAB in 2015 after completing her master’s degree in Advanced Chemical Engineering at the University of Birmingham. Previously, she graduated with a first class honours degree in Mathematics with Computing BSc. Outside of work, Jodie enjoys playing squash and represents her club in local leagues, as well as the county.