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Dr Richard L. Williams



Dr Richard L. Williams



Research Fellow

Project Title

Developing a protocol for the clinical translation of tissue engineered bone-to-bone ligament replacements

Funding Body

Orthopaedics Research UK (ORUK)

Project Description

A method has been developed to tissue engineer ligaments ex-vivo that are histologically similar to those found in the body and have the potential to be used for the repair of a selection of ligamentous and tendinous tissues throughout the body. The overarching aim of this project, therefore, will be to develop a robust protocol that would allow the tissue engineered structure to be used in pre-clinical trials. This involves defining a full process map, from harvesting to application, of the tissue engineered structure that allows the reproducible production of tissue engineered bone to bone ligament replacements.

Personal Description

Richard obtained his undergraduate degree in Physics from Swansea University in 2009 before completing his PhD (with integrated study) at the Centre for Physical Sciences of Imaging in the Biomedical Sciences (PSIBS) Doctoral Training Centre, University of Birmingham, in 2013. His research was based within Tissue Regeneration and Interface Lab and focused on the chemical modification of calcium phosphate particles to enable biomolecule engraftment and tracking their fate within live cells. The technology is now being exploited as a method of robustly attaching novel antimicrobial agents on to ceramic implants and for the formulation of pliable implant materials. Current work in this area includes formulating hierarchically structured and self-mineralising materials. Beyond his core research, Richard is a collaborator on a clinical based study of the immunological response to implant wear debris with the Centre for Translational Inflammation Research, University of Birmingham, and the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital.

Outside of academic life, Richard is a very keen rugby player and enjoys playing squash, hockey and running in extreme obstacle/mud-run events.

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