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Thomas Hall



Thomas Hall



Doctoral Researcher

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Innovative Anti-Bacterial Products

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For thousands of years honey has been exploited for its antibacterial properties and has been found to have a wide range of wound healing effects. These effects have vast clinical potential and include angiogenesis, wound contraction, the stimulation of tissue growth and the syntheses of collagen. Surgihoney is a synthetically produced medical grade honey; this project aims to enhance the efficacy of this product by creating new formulations which allow for controlled localised delivery of the compound. This project will explore the use of Surgihoney in delivery systems such as dressings, patches, sachets, creams and sprays, all of which may be applied in a clinical environment.

Personal Description

Tom joined TRAILAB in 2015 after graduating with a first class honours degree in Forensic Science from De Montfort University. Outside of work; Tom is a keen footballer and also likes visiting historical sites.