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Dr Gurpreet Chouhan

PhD BSc (Hons)


Dr Gurpreet Chouhan

PhD BSc (Hons)


Research Fellow

Project Title

Development of anti-scarring wound dressings.

Funding Body

Wellcome Trust

Project Description

Gurpreet’s current research is a multidisciplinary project, involved in the development of novel anti-scarring wound dressings. She has been involved in the development process of these anti-scarring dressings and is currently working on optimising them for clinical use in burn patients. She is also involved in the development of an anti-scarring/anti-inflammatory eye-drop to be used is patients with microbial keratitis.

Personal Description

Gurpreet obtained her BSc (Honours) degree in Biological Sciences (Pharmacology and Pharmaceutics) from Coventry University. She moved to the University of Birmingham to complete her PhD which focussed on; Elucidating the biological role of silicon and designing a delivery system to enhance early bone mineralisation. She is also interested in investigating the toxicology of ions released from metal on metal implants using 3D in vitro models, as well as investigating their roles on collagen fibrillogenesis and contraction. This project seeks to understand the development of pseudo-tumours in patients with metal on metal hip replacements.

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